The Beginning of Lockdown- A Personal Narrative on the Urgent National Lockdown & Call of Desuup


The Awakening 

Before the lockdown, I was trailing the most popular trekking route known as Druk Path Trail. While up at the mountain, I forgot the so-called ordinary life and the mere existence of COVID19 fever was remote. As I drew closer to Phajoding (3rd and last campsite of the trek ) I felt the ambience of the civilization. I clearly remember exchanging words about the possibility of lockdown but found the topic obsolete because of the fake rumours of Lockdown that swirled around the village before the trek. 

Druk Path Trek

After spending 4 days and 3 nights trekking we descended back to Thimphu the place where we all belong. Along the trail, I anticipated for real good REST that night. 

In deep sleep, I heard my phone ring, unsure of whether I was in a dream or for real I sluggishly woke up to my phone ringing with vibrance. It was a friend of mine Karma. I picked the call. Instantly with the panting voice, karma says “Denkar wake up the country is in lockdown” and he continued…. Do you have enough ration to sustain throughout the lockdown? How about your Draam who is from Paro? At that moment, all I thought was my uniform. My much pride Desuup uniform and to check on Thimphu Desuup WhatsApp group.

Next, I checked my Instagram account and read on PMO page and found the NOTICE. “The government announces nationwide lockdown “ at 3:15. On the 11th of August. The nightmare of Lockdown became a reality.

In a panic, I woke my cousin sister who was putting up with me and my friend Draamu and was now going to get stuck in Thimphu Lockdown. The next thought was to get ration for them. (Since I live alone and hardly cook at home, I don’t have habit of stocking up rations).

Well it was definite for me to go for Lockdown duty but wanted to make sure they had ration. I hate to confess but I did panic and landed up with the thought to hoard a few essential goods from the nearby store. 

I managed to find a store in Mothitang. As I entered the store, the counter was filled with goods and panicked customers. The salesman was in rush, the computer that probably crushed thus he was manually calculating making the queue even longer with impatient customers. In between, I realized I was calmer than the rest. I picked a packet of daal, dozen of toilet paper, some noodles, a packet of sausage, sugar and a shampoo. Those were my kind of essential goods. 

As I was shopping, Secretly I was not worried at all because I was well aware of the essential stock pilled up in all the FCBs and other allocated store building in Thimphu and around Bhutan. Before the lockdown, Desuup were involved in loading and unloading trucks loads of Essential item. I remembered Prime Minister of Bhutan assuring the citizen that the FCB in Bhutan is stocked of essential commodities which would last for six months at all times.

I was confident that I would never go hungry or die hungry in this life under the dynamic leadership of his majesty the king and the government. 

After purchasing my kind of essentials I rushed back home en route MothitangHSS. As I drove off, I took the note of the flock of De-suup gathered at the gate of MHSS and some already on patrolling duty by 4:30. I hassled home, wore the uniform, asked my cousin to help pack my beddings and in 10 mins I was ready to serve my Tsa-Wa-Sum undoubtedly.

Desuups at Babesa Center

 There was no looking back, no fear, no hiccups but only fearless courage to fight the invisible virus and serve my King, Country and People.

The next post unravels the tasks carried out by Desuup Nyamros and other TASK FORCE. Within a very short period, I admit that I have never felt so proud and helpful to the community as a Desuup- the Guardians of Peace !




  1. Your words touched my heart and it brought tears in my eyes. Thank you for sacrificing eveything to keep us safe.

  2. Hey Denkar, I’m new to your blog. And I’m so much grateful to look up to you not only as a travel inspiration but also an avid warrior serving the nation in time of utter need… Tons of love and respect to you from India.. keep inspiring 💜💜

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