Popular cafes in Paro town

Coffee Therapy

After a long tiring day, if you are looking for a cafe and don’t know where to go, you have come to a right place of the review. Here are three popular cafes that are located right in the heart of Paro town. 

As you walk along the lane of handicraft shops, watch out for cafes. 

These days coffee business is picking up really well in Paro town. It could be because of the tourists demand and local people want for freshly brewed coffee and binge on luscious pastries and cakes. 

Champaca Cafe 

Unique Wooden Signboard of Champaca Cafe

For me personally, I enjoy the service at Champaca cafe. The cafe is run by Mr Sangay and his wife along with 4 staffs. The cafe is considered to be one of the first cafes that opened in the main town area.

Today the cafe is 4 years old. The cafe serves all sorts of freshly brewed coffee, hot varieties of tea, milkshakes and light meals. The cafe also sells varieties of local herbal tea products. Champaca Cafe provides its customers with free access to wifi. 

Interior design

If you feel the need for larger space for coffee to meal date, they have a lounge upstairs and they also have a separate private lounge. I will definitely want to go back to Champaca cafe because of the fresh coffee and the warm hospitality. 


8:00AM-8:30 PM


 Mountain Cafe  (Veg lovers) 

If you go to the Mountain Cafe around noon, you need to have patience because of the influx of many tourists eating there. Although the cafe serves coffee and cake/pastries, the cafe is known for its vegetarian dishes. 

The cafe serves varieties of vegetarian indian cuisine. They also have other healthy options like VEGAN food. Try organic green salad and fries that are locally produced. 

Outdoor Patio

My favourite thing about the cafe is the outdoor patio. Towards the evening if the weather is clear you should take a seat outside. Watch local commuters and people loaf around Paro town and feel the vibe of Paro town and the people there. 

 Brioche Cafe 

If you have a sweet tooth, Brioche cafe is the right place to be. Brioche Cafe is run by two bakers and its located next to Champaca Cafe. Besides coffee, the cafe serves varieties of freshly baked cakes, pastries, cookies, croissant and homemade ice cream sorbets. 

Surprisingly the cafe doesn’t serve meals like the other two cafes.

The speciality of the cafe is mainly the bakery products. The moment you enter the cafe, it smells of butter and luscious cake. You should definitely try the cakes. They also take birthday orders, however, make sure you order one day ahead. 

The cafe interior design gives you the real cafe ambience. I found the interiors classic and elegant. I reckon you to go and see it for yourself. 



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