Panic to Positive Living – Coronavirus Period in Bhutan


Three weeks ago, the lives of Bhutanese people were normal despite the news regarding the pandemic coronavirus flooded in news channels and social media platforms. Although empathic about the situation around the world, like any other day, many Bhutanese woke up to our daily errand, offices, business, schools etc.. 

As usual, I woke up around 5:00 am inspired by Robin Sharma Best Selling 5 AM Club, however, these days I am fighting to wake up at 5:00 A.M because my heart set, headset, health set and soul set has gone miserably wrong and I put the blame on the pandemic virus- THE CORONAVIRUS.

The Nightmare

The first case of coronavirus patient was announced on the morning of March 6th (though confirmed at 11 pm on March 5th). Bhutanese people panicked and some trolls welcomed the virus to Bhutan. It was not a pleasant awakening.  

After the news broke, Instantly I receive a call from my ageing parents to immediately return home (Tsirang) where they thought would be safer from the crowded Thimphu. As I lay numb on my couch with the news of COVID-19 Outbreak, I started receiving messages from friends and relatives to leave Thimphu since I already have some underlying health condition. Without giving second thought, I packed my bag, a huge bag and drove off to Tsirang.


Today it’s exactly three weeks staying at home with my parents. As I am sitting on my wooden chair and typing my thoughts under this broad daylight, I hear creeks of insects, birds chirping, the sound of nearby stream water gushing down to make it to Sunkosh river and some flies zooming across my eyes and nose. Perhaps its the warm and pleasant weather that has invited these little creatures to come to life and make us feel their presence. 

If I step out of my bedroom, my mother and father will have something to inform me regarding the virus which they might have probably heard from Wechat and TV news Channels. I hardly watch TV because I am tired of TV anchors talking about COVID 19, I am tired to hearing the news about the number of people dying in Italy, and of late Spain overtaking more death counts. I am tired of the news feeds I see the moment I scroll with my figure tip.  However, I remain hopeful with the pandemic. 

Mother Earth Is Healing 

I have resorted to talk to myself and see the dynamics of how things are happening the way it is occurring right now. The old and sick dying because of the virus. The poor starving to death due to the policies and human greed of panic shopping and more. Some countries have resorted to lockdown where transportation has laid to rest resulting in no pollution from the vehicles. People are asked to stay home meaning no man goes to work, to factories resulting in less pollution again, of course, the economic crisis is evident here. 

To fight against COVID 19, citizens have shown solidarity and harmony, the act of volunteerism has enhanced community vitality. Families have reunited showing social cohesion. The patronage of rich has helped curb the gap between the haves and have not. The relentless work from the government and Prime Ministers office is appreciated by the nation. 

The rituals performed from the monk bodies have played sacramental significance to every individual with faith in God and finally His Majesty the king’s concern and the act of travelling to every Dzongkhags, making sure the place is prepared to tackle the deadly diseases has once again touched Bhutanese people heart. Personally, my heart cries a tear of pride every time I see our king on the forefront for our wellbeing. 


Coming back to the point in the past three weeks, despite the panic, worry and heart cries I feel our earth is healing. Healing from the scares we human left on her, healing from the polluted air we all produced. Mother earth is suffering from a wheezing cough because she cannot breathe and now she let us face the repercussion of our own act. Mother earth is healing from the weight carrying sick, old and inept of humans. 

By the end of the pandemic, I am hopeful that our mother earth will embrace us all again with its capacity to sustain life and livelihood. This time with how she was born on the cycle of the planet. I hope the pandemic bring home new lesson and opportunities. The reckoning, the reconciliation and eventually the healing of our mother earth.