NIRVANA- Finding Weekend Bliss in Paro


The sudden outbreak of Covid-19 crisis swept like a hurricane, adding a layer of panic and depression to the hospitality industry which was supposed to be busy and prosperous. On a positive note, this epidemic has introduced many variables that are currently fogging up the prospects of the hospitality industry. 

Due to the travel ban worldwide, many countries have resorted to promoting local destinations and landmarks to encourage domestic tourism to keep the employees engaged during a crisis. 

Similarly, Nirvana Lodge & Homestay in Paro is focusing on attracting local travellers and weekenders to spend quality time at the lodge. Ever since the operation of the lodge, the lodge has gained popularity among tourists and local businessmen as a getaway for a staycation.

Jigme the owner of the lodge decided to carry on with the business amid the pandemic because not a single employees of the lodge were relieved from the work. Today the Lodge is in full swing with the hope to hosts more local travellers, weekenders and pilgrims.

Here are a few reasons why you should stay at Nirvana when at Paro;



Paro in Summer

Nirvana Lodge & Homestay is located in Santsam Chorten vicinity on the area of 3 acres of land. The lodge is 11 km away from Paro international airport. The lodge is located at the heart of pilgrim sites in Paro. From the lodge to the iconic ‘Tigers Nest’ is only 3.5 Km, further North is Drugyal Dzong and to the south is Kiychu Lhakhang. After a tiring day of visiting pilgrimage sites, you may choose to spend the night over at Nirvana and truly find the bliss.

With the massive spread of land with apple orchards and wide lawn, the lodge also hosts meetings and retreats for both local and international guests.

Spacious Room & FREE WIFI

The lodge, which comprises of the main building and cottages, has 15 rooms. Each room has warm wooden floors and bright airy windows that bring in full sunlight. All rooms have 180 degrees’ view of surrounding mountains and the valley.


Being an avid traveller, the first thing after I check-in at any hotel, resort or lodge I ask if there is the availability of WIFI service. Rightly so at Nirvana provides Wifi Services to the guests. Although you would be away from home, you could still connect to the rest of the world from nirvana. Amazing it sound. Isn’t?

Weekend Getaway/ Staycation with family, friend and pets

Morning at Nirvana

Perfect Spot for hosting birthday and events. Moreover, you can also pitch tents and carry out star gazing at night around a bonfire. The place is safe and is guarded under a surveillance camera.

Nowadays Nirvana Lodge has become many videographers & filmmakers favourite spot for shooting movies. Don’t be surprised if you bump into actors and actress at the Lodge. Nirvana is becoming one of the popular spots for the weekenders.

Tasty food from organic garden and mushroom 

Dinning Room

On my arrival, I was invited to the luncheon. The dishes served were all vegetarian. I spotted mushroom and asked the chef is it was mushroom was form market. With a broad smile, the chef replies ‘madam we grow our on mushroom here’. I was stunned! The lodge is among few lodges in Bhutan that grows mushrooms and organic gardens. They also grow a wide assortment of fruits, vegetables and herbs at their garden and a kind of mushroom.

Friendly staffs

It was a rainy day when I arrived at the lodge. Upon my arrival, the staffs with the smile rushed to the car with a huge umbrella. It was touching! The lounge was a very welcoming place. What is commendable is that all the staff are friendly and polite. They make sure the guest is at ease and any time of the stay at the lodge, they stay one call away at the reception.

Today at Nirvana, they are 4 staffs out of which only 1 staff is male, rest are all homemakers making sure the guest is comfortable and fed well.

Hearty Session with the staffs of Nirvana

After staying over for the weekend at nirvana, I wish if I could only stay there for more days. I am already looking forward to staying at Nirvana again.

If you wish to experience Nirvana, Nirvana Lodge is the place!

Check website – Nirvana

Contact; 1750-5000 & 1779-2862


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