List of Online Shops in Bhutan


When it’s time to stay home, self quarantine , avoid public areas and shopping hubs. Here are some list of online shopping platform available mostly in Thimphu, Bhutan.

One-click shop

One Click Shop, a business that aims to make grocery shopping just a click away, call 77439621/17596814for FREE DELIVERY on orders minimum Nu.2000 of products from one click shop.  

All Store Ecosystem 

All Store Ecosystem is the best E-commerce and Brick and Mortar store business in the country that sells all kinds of products from panty, household & cleaning, snacks, beverages, beauty & personal care, baby and pet supplies.  

MINIMUM ORDER OF Nu. 1000. Delivery time: From 9 am till 8:30 pm (Delivery only in selected places within Thimphu).

Call: 77844249

Happy Delivery 

Happy Delivery is an on demand delivery that allows people to order and receive LPG Gas at your doorstep within Thimphu. Ease the pain of going to the LPG Gas station to fill the gas by availing home delivery services.

Call Happy Delivery at 17887440/17768890 . 

Dish at Door 

Dish8Door is an online food delivery process in Bhutan which one can order various foods from some local restaurant and hotels in and around Thimphu through the use of internet. The service will be provided through a mobile application [both android and ios].


Bhutan Natural

Bhutan Natural is a testament of Gross National Happiness. Every products are naturally harvested in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner. Dedicated to preserve the heritage, while adjusting to the modern’s liking.

For every product purchased, it contains the hopes, cultures, and beliefs of every Bhutanese farmers. Your support will not only provide substantial income for the farmers but also a lifeline for their heritage preservation.

Contact; 17300888


woman reading a book and holding a mug of hot beverage

To promote our local authors, bunch of Bhutanese authors have created the platform called ‘Bookness’ where there are collections of fiction and non-fiction books by our very own Bhutanese writters. One can read the review of the book and also purchase the book online. 

Contact; 17605030

Bhutan Smart Shop 

Bhutan Smart Shop delivers highest quality vegetables and fruits at your doorstep. Bhutan smart shop is now taking market facilities to our farmers to encourage take keen interest in agricultural business. Though in small scale, we collect agricultural produce from eight Dzongkhags today. 

As a value added service, we also sell it online via our site ( and apps with online payment option and deliver it at free of cost. Today, they cater only for Thimphu residents as our main customer. Their store is located at Babesa, Thimphu.For delivery of fresh fruits and organic vegetables,

Contact; 17599204


DrukRide was founded on a simple concept for travelers in Bhutan to hail a Cab or book a Bus ticket online at their convenience, any place any time. Just tap the button to order a ride, get picked up by a nearby driver, and enjoy a low-cost ride to your destination or book your ticket at a tap of a button.

DrukRide offers bus ticket booking through its website,iOS and Android mobile apps for all major routes coming soon . 

Contact;  02350572/ Toll Free 1303or 17469969 is a website for open source logistics where people can earn money by registering online to be part of the delivery system.

The company is designed to make delivery easy via daily travellers who can deliver the goods and they get paid accordingly. Bundle not only hires and empowers people with cars, bikes or a taxi but also those who are just commuting by taxis or buses

If you have things to be delivered, please call bundle Bhutan . 

Contact; 17515729 


CDK is a sustainable fashion line that gives modern interpretation to traditional Bhutanese designs. CDK creates contemporary silhouettes using handloom fabrics with Bhutanese motifs and textile. Working exclusively with Bhutanese female weavers, CDK is a proud supporter of women’s empowerment and a committed promoter of Bhutan’s culture of weaving.

CDK not only showcases its products in the showroom but also ships products within and beyond Bhutan through online platform. To know more about the business,

Contact  +975 – 17500256 or [email protected]


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