Deep Secret- We need to talk about Traveling Solo and the Loneliness


Many travelers around the world have created the brand for themselves by traveling to places, nook and corners of the world, some breaking record of traveling to all the countries in less than a year inspiring hundreds and thousands of aspiring wanderlust to venture in the world of wheels and roads.  

With a growing number of travel destinations, travel bloggers/vloggers are not only traveling to places but are engaged in the endorsement of products and gears. They have gradually turned out to be the faces of the market with their huge audience reach from all around the world. Riding the whole village we also make so many friends and network with people from all walks of life.  

As we keep traveling from one exclusive place to another, riding solo, driving solo, eating alone, and living in some of the most extravagant hotels of our own, I know for sure that viewers often wonder if the solo travelers ever feel lonely. 

Well, let me answer the most daunting queries that our friends and fans often ask

Besides every flamboyant and jovial character of travelers, just like any human most of the travelers also go through the emotional dour. Nowadays the root cause of a person who is traveling is due to an emotional breakdown. Read about your favorite traveler’s reason for starting the sojourn, read about why the famous blogger became a wanders, perhaps intending to be escapades. Who knows! 

Today there are two kinds of travelers. One starts the journey in search of finding themselves and discovering their purpose of life while the other one travel to the pseudo stage to escape from the reality- the mundane world. While this gypsy tottles around places, from the north pole to the south to the plains up to the glorious Himalayas, deep within most of the solo travelers do feel lonely. 

In a sojourn to finding the meaning of life, many find themselves lost in the world. Physically one could be present in some of the best beaches in Hawaii, dancing with the gypsies in Rajasthan, trekking the most challenging Snowmen trek in Bhutan, hunting with the tribes in Africa, relishing the best Thai massage, Swinging at Bali, fishing in Alaska, watching the sunset at Santorini, watching a couple make a vow in front of Eiffel Tower in Paris and some riding the scenic Tokaido Shinkansen train to Osaka, in the end, many solo travelers land up feeling lonely. 

Yes, loneliness! You probably never expected this.

Despite getting to know the world a little better, making new friends, Epic Instagram account, and a lot more. Loneliness is an experience many solo travelers have and it is also one we’re least likely to talk about. As we become prone to this emotion we become experts in luring the loneliness under a veneer of happiness.

However when we fail to do so, many wanderers land up googling places to travel to, the best bar in town, and place to eat good food, etc.. so yes you will get lonely traveling by yourself. Anyone who tells you differently is lying. 

I remember my first solo travel in Bhutan to Phobjikha on a local bus. Although I planned to stay there for a night, the moment I arrived on the land of cranes, I instantly fell in love with the place. Thus landed up exploring Phobjikha for 4 days on my own. As my duration of the stay prolonged for the first time in my life, I experienced the feeling of ‘Loneliness’.

The feeling was overwhelming, next what I do is hitchhike to Bumthang to get rid of the daunting feelings. Its been 2 and more years since the incidence, ever since I have been traveling to places and feeling the essence of the place on a deeper level, today I am proud to say, I have gotten friendly with the feeling of loneliness. Whenever I feel lonely, I don’t run away anymore, I embrace it and sink it in my skin. This way I have become a braver muse of my world. 

Loneliness is also more common than you think. And the best news is, there are plenty of things you can do to stop loneliness ruining your trip. The truth is, you don’t need to be afraid to travel alone. You just need to know how to deal with loneliness when it hits.

Loneliness untangles and focuses my thoughts, although they always start muddled. Once or twice I’ve discovered I’m not missing someone I should be, which answered a question I was too scared to ask at home. Loneliness taught me how I like to spend my time. Understanding my own pace, rhythms, and preferences have impacted every corner of my life, including where and how I live. We so rarely have time to be still, to be with ourselves. Traveling solo gives that gift.

I quickly learned to love it. There is the freedom to traveling alone. I am in charge of my own decisions and my rhythm, and being in charge of my travel budget has saved a few arguments, too. I’ve learned independence, and I’ve even learned to love loneliness. And I’m not alone. Solo travel is growing in popularity, particularly among women travelers, and it’s getting easier.

Women in Merak

Deciding to travel alone can feel intimidating but when you get used to traveling on your own, it becomes an addiction. 

Happy Solo Traveling! 


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