Blessing amid the Crisis- The Word of the King & Reckoning 36 years in Service


Today I take pride in celebrating my father’s retirement with jubilation and delight. After serving Tsa Wa Sum as a teacher for 36 years, he retired with a contended heart and blessings from His Majesty the King himself!

In the early 1980s, after he graduated from then Teacher Training Institute (TTI) in Samtse, my father was placed in Lungtenzampa Jr High School. As a teacher, he was loved by the students for being a jolly, energetic and always young teacher at heart. Naturally courteous, he hailed from a remote village in eastern Bhutan and had ready baggage of experience to relate to in any kind of situation. 

Apa in Lungtenzampa Jr High School.

He was the only civil servant among his eight siblings. He faced a lot of hardship to reach that place he so rightfully earned and Apa was the happiest to be a teacher and a civil servant. His was a service of contentment. A life of blessing. 

Just in a few years in service, my father had the fortune to see our present King who was then a young and charming prince. As he recalls the bygone days, father clearly remembers the young Prince who would show up in school once a week and he was strikingly handsome.  

Later in the early 2000s, Apa was transferred to Kuenga Rabten Primary School as a headmaster. Once again, my Apa had the good fortune to receive an audience with His Majesty, who was then the Chhoetse Penlop. When in one of the precious occasions that His Royal Highness the Chhoetse Penlop interacted with my father, Apa modestly introduced himself as one of the teachers back in those days in Lungtenzampa.  

In between, my father was transferred to numerous schools, mostly in the remote places.  As his retirement approached though, Apa decided to settle in Tsirang. He, therefore, was transferred to Damphu Central School as a senior teacher.

His Majestys Visit in Damphu Central School

On 2 June 2018, His Majesty the King visited Damphu Central School. Amid the hustle and bustle of tree plantation, His Majesty had spotted my father from far and His Majesty summoned him. As His Majesty bode farewell, my father was commanded to come and see His Majesty before Apa superannuated. That event at Damphu my father so fondly remembers. He had shed tears of joy on being recognized by His Majesty after so many years. His friends, other teachers, had also shed tears of joys. It was indeed a humbling moment! 

Today 30th March 2020—is the last day for my father in his office. It was such a long journey and even retirement has closed in on him. He has so much he is thankful for, but this moment was SPECIAL and the PRICELESS ONE OF HIS LIFETIME. We got the priceless opportunity to have an audience with His Majesty the King who was en route to Gelephu. Despite the busy schedule, His Majesty decided to call on his humble subject and grace him with best wishes and blessings. 

After His Majesty’s Audience

My eyes brimmed with tears and heart was a knot of inexplicable emotions. Words do not bear the capacity to express our gratitude to His Majesty’s selfless leadership and for the personal blessing which we shall cherish lifelong. 

At such a time as this, when COVID-19 fear abounds and leaders around the world are working from some distant confines of quarantine, His Majesty the King is tirelessly travelling across the nation, ensuring the people are safe and gracing us with a priceless assurance of safety with peerless wisdom and compassion. 

Tshering Denkar [Denkars Getaway]


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