Becoming DESUUP- A Personal Narrative


Are you ready to serve the country? asked an officer.

YES, SIR! Screeched herds of desuups on top of the Rinchengang Valley. In between there was a flash like the light that drew towards us from the sky and within sec of roaring above YES SIR, some hurried to escape the light thinking it was some kind of IED. In reality, it was 51-inch mortar parachute illumination round. 

The Officer responded … Oh well, that’s how ready you are to serve the country!

This is just a trailer from week 1, later by the end of three weeks, everything changes, we come out mightier and unshakable by the sight of illumination round and lot more.

The Journey

Out of hundreds of applicants, If you are fortunate, you get the opportunity to undergo Desuung Training. After much anticipation to join Desuung fraternity, I got the opportunity to undergo the meticulous training (well that’s what I was told) with other trainees of 38th Desuung Batch in Military Training Center in Tencholing, Wangdue Phodrang. 

Since 2011, I have seen Desuups volunteering in situations of disasters, charitable work and celebration. The way they maintained public relation drew my huge admiration. Ever since I always wanted to be one of them and this time it was finally my moment to pass the test of becoming one of the Guardians of Peace. 

Ready to Report

Hearsay- Prior Training

Before joining Desuung, I heard so many anecdotes about life in Tencholing during the training phase. Many Desuups left me with the supposition that the training would be rigorous, enriching from the lecturers but dreadful for the sleepy heads, adventurous and that three weeks of training would be pass in a flip of a second. 

My aunty who underwent the training said ‘Denkar you will forget to walk’ and rightly so by end of three weeks of training, I was limping (if you were not in 38th Batch you didn’t see me in MTC, so thank god you didn’t see me limping haha ). 

The moment I received the confirmation that I was going to MTC, I was nervous for the first time in my entire life. My biggest fear was pertinent. Being a solo traveller I have gotten so used to doing things on my own and now that I was to be trained with the other mates, wreaked my nerve. 

Eventually, I realized that this training was going to be a secluded battle within me. To crush my arrogance & agitation, to follow protocol & etiquettes and to watch my physical endurance to serve my king, country and people better in times of need. 

On the reporting day at MTC, all the enthusiastic desuups and baggage were sanitized. We were the first recipients of COVID-19 testing Kit that was provided by His Majesty the King. With all proven negative from the COVID-19 test, we were set to espouse the training classes with much anticipation. 

COVID 19 Test Kit

Lectures and Theories 

After our POP a platoon mate recalls ‘Believe it for not, For the first time in my life I didn’t get to think of any woman in my life’! This indicates how physically and mentally we were occupied during the training. 

From the morning bed, tea call to heading to PT fall into rushing for breakfast to getting our body disciplined to drills to attending lecture class (in between many sleepy heads named the MTH lecture hall 2nd bedroom), to breaking for tea & cupcakes/doughnuts to practical classes to sports hour to evening fall into dinner hour to the after-dinner program to night fall in to sleeping parade. (apparently, as I am typing this on my laptop, I am wondering how I have copped up to all these activities for 3 weeks ). 

Lifetime Experience 

Many people have this assumption that Desuup training is all to do with the military task. Well after undergoing the training, I realized that the training provides individual with the opportunity to participate in various real-life activities that are prevalent beyond four walls. The conducive environment provides a platform to showcase one’s skills and strategy to survive any phenomenal circumstances in TEAM. Some of the activities carried out were Rappelling, Zip lining, Route March, Mapping and others. 


We watch few cringe and cry during audacious class like rappelling and later on crying tear of joy for overcoming the fear of heights. Few trainees with water phobia could build trust on the water gears after the demo class in Dangchu River. 

All these arduous walk and activities attribute to becoming the person who desuups are. Stronger and braver than ever before. 

Networking Time 

The third paragraph of Desuung Honour Code entails 

‘ I as desuup will protect national heritage even at the cost of my life’. 

To strengthen our culture and tradition while undergoing the training, there is a cultural contest organized among four respective companies.  Thanks to Desuung Training, I finally got to participate in Zhungdra – the traditional Bhutanese folk dance competition.  

More than the cultural performance, the pursuit not only aims to showcase trainees’ talent, build social cohesiveness and community vitality. I met many new friends and that the friendship and brotherhood bond shall remain till the last breath. 

The Best Instructors 

One of the best takeaway from the training is the advice, instructions and commands from the instructors and Officers. They are the best ambassadors of TIME and abiding command from above. We are taught to work in a team, if not in the platoon, to work with section mates, if not with section mates to work with buddy mate. As desuup, if one act like a black sheep, by end of three weeks he/she becomes pro in push-ups. 

While bidding farewell, our company instructor Drimpon Ngawang walked towards me and said ‘Denkar do not cry like a baby ’. Not like I cried during the farewell but I cried thrice during the training course time. I got frustrated with my injured knees and landed up the crying river that almost flooded our training centre. 

After much transudations and laughter’s, towards the third week, the ridges and hills of Rinchengang started to turn grassy green, we were shouting louder than ever before, the stomping sound of our feet would drop the leaves of trees near the vicinity and we would almost nudge up people across the hills and of Bajo town with our desuung honour code recitation. 

By then we were drawing towards our last days in MTC and to seal the deal, His Majesty’s Audience to us was like a cherry on top of the cake. Despite His Majesty relentlessly and tirelessly travelling across the country during the pandemic, as a supreme commander his majesty the king granted audience to all the Desuup training centres.  

In His majesty’s speech, he repeatedly mentioned these powerful lines

 ‘People Who Sweat Together, Stay Together’ and that ‘Together we all can move Mountain’. 

With this once again I pledge, 

I as a Desuup will keep service to my nation before my own safety and comfort.

I as Desuup will remain honest in thoughts and upright actions. 

I as dessup will protect the national heritage even at the cost of my own life.

I as dessup will never vacillate from integrity to my motherland and loyalty to my supreme commander. 

I as Desuup will always volunteer for service to TSA WASUM at any point of time. 

I as Desuup will never let down supreme commander and fellow Desuups.



Desuup Tshering Denkar



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